Royal Parade solitaire rules


Play all cards into the foundation piles.

Foundation Piles

The 24 foundation piles are built upward in suit by threes. The piles are divided into 3 rows:
  • 8 piles in the top row are built from Twos to Jacks: 2-5-8-J
  • 8 piles in the middle row are built from Threes to Queens: 3-6-9-Q
  • 8 piles in the bottom row are built from Fours to Kings: 4-7-10-K

Foundation Play

  • Top cards are available for play.
  • Twos, Threes and Fours may be exchanged between foundation rows if both cards end up on correct foundation piles. Drag a card onto another to exchange.

Initial Deal

  • 24 cards are dealt into the foundation spaces. Until moved, cards that are not the correct first cards for foundations will block foundations from being built on.
  • 8 cards are dealt onto the reserve piles.

Reserve Piles

Top cards of the 8 reserve piles are available for play.

Stock Pile

Click the stock to deal 1 card to each reserve pile.

Discard Pile

Discard all 8 Aces into the discard pile.


Every card played into the foundations will score.

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