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Solavant - No longer for sale

Apple will discontinue support for older 32-bit applications after macOS Mojave version 10.4. Since Solavant's last version was released in August 2011 and is one of these 32-bit applications, we are discontinuing new sales of Solavant Solitaire.

Existing customers

The game will continue to work with macOS versions up to Mojave (version 10.4). If you currently have Solavant, the game will continue to work on Macs that aren't upgraded to the next macOS version that Apple releases. You can download your Solavant order from the Solavant order download page if you need a new install copy.

Upgraded version for existing customers

We are currently researching an update to Solavant to work with the next version of macOS. Solavant is 8 years old and will need many not-simple changes to get it working as required. Hopefully we can make this happen before Apple releases the next macOS, which is usually in the late summer or early fall. If we can do this, the update will be released to existing customers for free on the Solavant web site.