Osmosis solitaire rules


Play all cards into the foundation wings.

Foundation Wings

  • The 4 foundation wings are built in suit, rank order is ignored.
  • The first card played into a foundation wing must have the same rank as the card dealt into the top foundation wing when the game started.
  • A card can be played into a foundation wing only if a card of the same rank appears in the foundation wing directly above it. This does not apply to the top foundation wing.

Reserve Piles

4 cards each are dealt into the 4 reserve piles at the start of the game. The top cards are available for play.

Stock Pile

Cards are dealt 3 at a time from the stock pile to the waste pile. Unlimited redeals.

Waste Pile

The top card of the waste pile is available for play.


Every card played into the foundations will score.

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