Invasion solitaire rules


Subvert all cards except Kings into the Homeland before the invading army crosses the Sea.


The 4 foundation piles to the right represent the Homeland and are built upward regardless of suit from Aces to Kings.


The 4 invading Kings to the left are not in play.


  • The invading Army crosses the 4 rows of the Sea tableau from left to right, trying reach the Homeland.
  • Cards that are rightmost in a row may be subverted and built onto foundations.
  • Any card in the Sea can be moved to the end of a row if it is one less in rank than the rightmost card.
  • Gaps in the rows are closed up by shifting cards backwards.
  • When a card is moved from any of the 4 leftmost spaces it is immediately replaced from the stock.


  • The stock pile represents the Army that is moving across the Sea.
  • When the stock is clicked, all cards in the Sea are advanced one space to the right and 4 new cards are dealt in the leftmost spaces.
  • The game is lost if there are no moves left and any card has crossed the entire Sea to the Homeland.


Every card played into the Homeland will score.
Invasion is one of the fun solitaire games in Solavant solitaire for Mac OS X.