Interregnum solitaire rules


Play all cards into the foundation piles.

Foundation Piles

  • The 8 foundation piles are built upward regardless of suit or color consecutively, with Aces built onto Kings.
  • A pile is complete when it contains 13 cards.
  • Each foundation must start with a card that is one rank higher than the indicator card above the foundation.

Indicator Cards

  • Each of the 8 indicator cards lies above a foundation.
  • An indicator card is automatically moved onto its foundation when 12 cards are built, completing the foundation.

Waste Columns

Uncovered end cards of the 8 waste columns are available for play.

Stock Pile

Click the stock to deal 1 card to the end of each waste column.


Every card played into the foundations will score.

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Interregnum is one of the fun solitaire games in Solavant solitaire for Mac OS X.