House of Commons solitaire rules


Create 4 rows of cards upward in suit from Twos to Tens.

Short Deck

A short deck is used, with all face cards removed.

Initial Deal

All cards are dealt into 4 rows. Aces are then removed from play, creating 4 gaps in the layout.

Tableau Rows

  • Play tableau cards into the gaps. A card must be the same suit and one rank higher than the card to the left of the gap.
  • Twos are played into the leftmost spaces.
  • Gaps to the right of Tens are blocked. Nothing can be played into them.

Shuffle and Redeal

  • When all gaps are blocked, click the redeal space to gather, shuffle and redeal automatically.
  • All cards not in suit and sequence with Twos at the left side of the tableau will be redealt. New gaps will be opened to the right of the card sequences remaining.
  • 1 redeal.


Every card moved into suit sequence with Twos at the left will score.

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House of Commons is one of the fun solitaire games in Solavant solitaire for Mac OS X.