Grandmother's Patience solitaire rules


Play all cards into the foundation piles.

Foundation Piles

The 8 foundation piles are divided into 2 groups:
  • The 4 left foundation piles are built upward in suit from Aces to Kings, 1 pile of each suit.
  • The 4 right foundation piles are built downward in suit from Kings to Aces, 1 pile of each suit.

Tableau Columns

  • The 22 tableau columns are built on from the waste pile regardless of rank, suit, or color.
  • A column cannot contain more than two cards.
  • The end cards are available for play onto foundations.
  • Empty tableau spaces are automatically filled with the top card of the stock.

Stock Pile

The top card is available for play.

Reserve Spaces

  • The 4 reserve spaces can each hold one card from the stock.
  • Cards in reserve spaces are available for play onto foundations.
  • Scoring

    Every card played into the foundations will score.

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