General's Retreat solitaire rules


Play all cards into the foundation piles.

Initial Deal

When the game starts, 13 cards are dealt into the reserve and 3 cards are dealt into the tableau. The deal is then paused until one of the 3 tableau cards is played into a foundation, which establishes the first rank of all foundation piles. After this card is played, the deal continues.

Foundation Piles

  • The 8 foundation piles are built upward in suit consecutively, with Aces built onto Kings.
  • A pile is complete when it contains 13 cards.

Reserve Pile

13 cards are dealt into the reserve pile at the start of the game. The top card of the reserve is available for play onto foundations only.

Tableau Columns

  • The 9 tableau columns are built upward or downward in alternating color.
  • Uncovered end cards are available for play.
  • Empty tableau spaces are filled automatically from the wastes or stock.

Stock Pile

Cards are dealt 3 at a time from the stock pile to the waste piles. 1 redeal.

Waste Piles

The top cards of the 3 waste piles are available for play. After the redeal, each waste pile can contain only 1 card. If those cards cannot be played, no more cards can be dealt from the stock.


Every card played into the foundations will score.

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